23 August 2010

Békás, Cave Munticelu

Munticelu Cave is situated at the entrance of the gorge Gorges, based on calcareous Surduc Munticelu on the left side of the river Bicaz.
Munticelu Cave is considered the scientific point of view but also the most important landscape in Moldova. Discovered in the spring of 1973 by a few children went to gather snowdrops, Munticelu cave was named for this reason, by the locals, Ghiocelu cave. Road to start in the right career Surduc cave, 250 meters from the entrance keys suck.
The route is picturesque and is first in coils, then becomes increasingly steep and goes up to an altitude of 300 m where there is the cave. The trail to the cave is just one of many routes Békás. Hidden in the wall of a limestone cave entrance is about 1.5 feet short and follow a descending corridor of 10 meters, which leads you into a great hall, 30 meters long and 5 meters high by 4. With a length of 120 m Munticelu impressive cave hall and through the stalagmites formations.
At the bottom of the cave floor hall is smooth, covered with clay crust and stalagmites. From this place starts a large cluster of blocks that get in step, like an amphitheater, to the west. In the northern part of the room meet countless stalagmites which form a real light woods, striking landscape element that gives unique cave Munticelu.
Light stalagmites can admire here three feet high and three inches thick. Fistular stalactites which are outstanding and, sometimes, true form rain "macaroni." In the south we find a small lake, lined with foam calcite, immaculate. Munticelu hiding cave and some bones of cave bears, including a femur fixed in a stalagmite.
Because visiting the cave is not in an organized setting, in recent years many visitors have made an unconscious state of degradation in all the greater. Munticelu cave is electrified and has no arrangements to facilitate access. Currently, steps are to be arranged and opened to tourists visiting the presence of a guide. Nearby, the saddle is Glodului tunnel and cave, which as the name suggests is a rock tunnel that crosses a gorge Sugaului reserve stands! GO TO TOP^


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