18 July 2010

Flood on the Prut River

Roman warns that flood waters from Ukraine will spread these hours on the Prut River Prut Radauti Oroftiana sector, the station Radauti Prut, attention has already been overfished. Currently, families are evacuated from Radauti Prut preventive remained flooded area after the 2008 flood.
Prut level, the station Chernovtsy, Ukraine area, is currently in decline. Oroftiana station, Prut record level of 790 cm and 140 cm above the danger level and trend growth is easy. Oroftiana share forecast station is 810 cm against 860 cm, as was recorded in 2008.
"Formed by the Prut River flood will be mitigated accumulation Rock Costesti accumulation performed very well from a technical standpoint, the earlier floods during transit (with maximum flow of 1750 cm / s, 2020 m / s and 2170 m / s, starting June 22). Currently, the rate Costesti Rock lake is constant for three hours and is ready to take the extra volume of flood coming from upstream. Reserve in the lake is about 250 million cubic meters. water and exhaust flow is 830 cm / s and will remain steady in the near future. Downstream dams ensure safe transit flow from the accumulation evacuate Costesti Rock", says the communique ANAR.
Hydrology established, Friday morning, code red Prut river flooding, the sector Orftiana Radauti Prut (Botosani), starting Friday, thus extending the warning issued after a day, which was valid for the downstream sector Falciu Rock for counties Botosani, Iasi and Vaslui Sivita sector and on the Prut River Danube.

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