18 July 2010

Danube dam broke at Ceatalchioi, Tulcea.

Dam safety in which to invest one million euros last year succumbed to pressure from Delta. Homes fell like cardboard boxes and dozens of families were evacuated. Latest information provided by authorities say that so far 60 people were evacuated by ship Mircesti, and another 60 people and left their homes voluntarily, while 25 families refused to leave now.
The intervention teams from ISU, the police and firefighters try to repair the hole in the dike that has resisted the Danube. 213 households from the existing 250 villages were affected by floods, that aroximativ 90% of the village. Today, this village is almost completely compromised.
Liviu Stoica, Tulcea gendarmerie spokesman said that people who do not want to leave have been informed of the risks, but can not be forced to leave their farms. 60 people have fled the plague to higher areas in the village, and 46 were taken directly stricken from Tulcea.
Dam in the village anymore Ceatalchioi once in spring 2006 and since then people have asked authorities for help in one's recovery. Would require 10 million dollars, a file for building strength at that time held the prefect who was depending on it, but the money eventually arrived there one million euros.
Problems continue for residents of this area of the country, as meteorologists issued a warning "code yellow" of rain and storms for the six counties of Baragan and Dobrogea. They are Galati, Braila, Ialomita, Calarasi, Constanta and Tulcea. The warning is valid until Saturday at 10.00.
In the six counties will be showers accompanied by lightning and strong wind-looking storm. The amount of water will exceed 25 30 L / m, and on small areas, especially in coastal area, 50 liters per square meter.
Torrential rains have already flooded and damage created Constanta since yesterday. In less than an hour on the water more cars covered streets and entering people's apartments.
On the other hand has no quiet northern Moldavia. Botosani already announced the evacuation of several villages, after a new flood forecast hydrological coming from Ukraine.

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