10 December 2011

Transfagarasan - Romania

Transfagarasan, we have summarized the road that crosses the Fagaras Mountains (highest elevation mountains in Romania, reaching maximum height in Moldoveanu Peak - 2544m) and connects the two main regions, Transylvania, Wallachia. But we can not sum up just so, with one of Transfagarasan highest altitudes in Europe, namely 2042 meters (Caldarea Ice Balea), spanning two lanes with a length of 92 km and the entire road are 27 viaducts and bridges. Between Capra and Balea Lake is the largest tunnel in the country (887m), which crosses Mount Paltinul. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful road Transfagarasan road in Romania and one of the most spectacular in Europe. Transfagarasunului Crossing manages to combine adrenaline caused by many difficult and winding road, with the fantastic. Harmony level differences, the asymmetry of the place and enchanting landscape, managed to break from reality every creature, living as the most beautiful feeling in nature.
Among the objectives of tourist attractions we can mention Lake and Dam Vidraru Poienari fortress, Balea Lake Balea glacial waterfall.
Balea glacial lake formed in cirque, is a true wonder of nature, which lies between the Olt and Piatra Craiului. Balea Lake reaches a length of 360 meters, a width of 240 meters and a depth of 11 meters and is situated at an altitude of 2034 meters. Since 1932, so the entire surface of the lake and about 180 acres around it were declared scientific reserve. It should be recalled that during 2006 and near the lake, was built first ice hotel in Eastern Europe.
Depending on the year, the lake surface can practice different sports. Namely, during the summer you can practice rowing, and during winter, when water freezes, can skate, play hockey or curling.
Balea waterfall, another marvel of nature, is situated in the Fagaras Mountains, concerns of one of the most famous waterfalls in Romania. Balea waterfall is at an altitude of 1234 meters and the water flows from a height of 68 meters.
In winter during the term, the waterfall can ski down. Summer can be reached by car and rest periods with cable.
Poienari fortress, is recognized as one of the residences of Vlad Tepes (Dracula), a great fortress built in the way of the Ottoman invaders. Being situated on a mountain, the ruins are seen with a panoramic Vidraru Dam and Fagaras. To visit this city is required crossing a road with more than 1000 steps.
Vidraru Dam was built between 1961 and 1966 and for its realization have made great sacrifices, are about 80 dead. Upon completion of dam construction, it is ranked 5th in Europe and 9th place in the world. Tourists can reach the dam from the east side of Lake Vidraru on a road that climbs up to Balea. The left side of the dam can be reached Cumpana depression. Another area is the Landmark Belvedere platform, where you can admire the captivating beauty of the place.
Mount Plesa was famous statue of Prometheus by lightning in his hand, a symbol of electricity. Only a few hundred meters of the dam tourists can go to the House Argeseana "and the pier where the practice of leisure boat racing.
Persons interested in bungee jumping sensations can practice at the dam being arranged higher launch pad.
Vidraru Lake is a lake, with 465 million cubic meters of water, with a length of 10.3 km and a width of 2.2 km, thus accumulating a total area of 870 hectares and maximum depth of 155 meters. Underground power station is situated in massive Cetatuia to a depth of 104 meters and can provide annual energy production of 400 GWh.


  1. mama ce frumusete. ma intreb unde imi pierdeam timpul cand eram in tara de nu am reusit sa va macar o data transfagaraseanul... sper sa castig lotul cel mare la jocuri de noroc sa ma pot intoarce si eu in tara - sa pot sa o redescopar)