19 July 2010

Drivers in Bacau, in general strike

Drivers of public transport to Bacau company controlled by former mayor Dumitru Sechelariu mother, the general went on strike this morning due to a decrease wages and working hours change.
One NorthEast Public Transport Employees argue that wages have been reduced without reason. By solving the problem, people say that they will not return to work. In these circumstances, representatives Bacău Hall ordered public transport company working to resolve the conflict quickly.

"We can not intervene because it is a private matter. I took note of this issue and I ordered the management company to remedy the situation, because this is a public company", Ionut told us Tomescu spokesman institution.
The official said about three years, the company controlled by former first family has Dumitru Sechelariu competition in Bacau, Hall and attempts to organize a new tender for the awarding of city routes were blocked by prefecture. Also, Public Transport Company SA Bacau asked to subsidize subscriptions to supplement allocations awarded to social groups as retirees, or disabled veterans, but Tomescu Ionut says this is impossible.

"This year, we spent six million lei from the budget to subsidize the subscription of 14,000 pensioners. By April, the company management sought to supplement this amount, an unnatural thing", Ionut said Tomescu.
"We stayed like fools stations"

Bus drivers strike to cause problems Bacau. Although subscriptions, people can not travel by bus because the drivers had refused to have means of transportation out of basic car.

"The morning did not move anything, no car. We stayed like fools stations", Constantine says Paduraru, one băcăuanii who walk to work this morning.

"I did a lot of roads and stay with subscription money in his pocket and gave the taxi strike that they do", Gheorghe Barbu says another strike Bacau unhappy drivers.
Băcăuanii will not use public transport most likely until Monday, when the court could declare the strike illegal.

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